Monday, June 2, 2014


Meez is like my second life. Meez is a virtual chat room game where you can buy meez cash, coinz, VIP, make your own room, etc. My username is novi101aliengirl, lunaverse, _miss_i_luv_cats, and idc-0_0..novi101aliengirl is my main account with 71 animations.

My animations are: Island Two Step, Lollipop, Cupid Shuffle, Walk It Out, The Jerk, The Shuffle, Caramelldansen, Danjo Dance, Hammer Dance, Whip My Hair, Gangnam Dance, Grillz, Bird Word, Zombie Dance, Stanky Leg, The Reject, Jump And Wave, Single Ladies, Miley Cirus, Jiggy Dance, Dougie Dance, Pop Lock And Drop It, Tecktonik, Vogue, Cheer Leading With Pom Poms, The Carlton, Like It's Hot, Tina Moves, Hippie Dance, Jump Kick, Double Punch, Yoga Stance, Chillin, Lay Down, Tanning, Knee To Chest, Casual Sit, One-Arm Balance, Crab Coronation, Depressed, Frustrated Scream, Tough, Vulcan Greeting, Levitation, Evil Plotting, Bat Transformation, Freezing, Broomstick, Sick, Freak Out, Super Hero, Heart Sign, Cheer, First Pump, Scary Scream, Possessed Float, Bobble Head, Anime Giggle, Over The Shoulder, Handstand, Selfie, Rain, Love Radiance, Heart Rain, Sparkle, Snow, Candy Cane Drops, Shattered Heart, Blood Drips, Christmas Lights.

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