Monday, June 2, 2014

My Random Valentines :)

Dear Toralei Stripe,
Your eyes are as green as emeralds,
Your ears as pierced as can be.
I could totally care less about how dark hearted you are.
For you are my darling,
My baby,
My life,
My soul,
My heart.
You are
I am

Dear Catrine DeMew,
Your eyes as cold as the winter weather,
But I honestly don't care.
Your beauty shimmers of magic
And sparkles like flashes of lightning.
Your hair as beautiful as I could care.
Sparkles shimmer throughout your hair
As if lightning strikes the city.

Dear Catty Noir,
Your skin as black as death.
Your eyes speak kindness,
And so does your lips.
Your lightning striped patterns,
Are like
My destiny.

Dear Cam,
Have you seen?
Have you heard?
Destiny is upon
But your life
As beautiful
As a kitten
With glitter
Sparkled all
Over her.

Dear Meowlody and Purrsephone,
Your lives influence me.
I want to be like others.
I want to live.
I am tired
Of hiding in the dark.
Your eyes glow in the dark,
Your hair is opposite colors.
I love you.


Meez is like my second life. Meez is a virtual chat room game where you can buy meez cash, coinz, VIP, make your own room, etc. My username is novi101aliengirl, lunaverse, _miss_i_luv_cats, and idc-0_0..novi101aliengirl is my main account with 71 animations.

My animations are: Island Two Step, Lollipop, Cupid Shuffle, Walk It Out, The Jerk, The Shuffle, Caramelldansen, Danjo Dance, Hammer Dance, Whip My Hair, Gangnam Dance, Grillz, Bird Word, Zombie Dance, Stanky Leg, The Reject, Jump And Wave, Single Ladies, Miley Cirus, Jiggy Dance, Dougie Dance, Pop Lock And Drop It, Tecktonik, Vogue, Cheer Leading With Pom Poms, The Carlton, Like It's Hot, Tina Moves, Hippie Dance, Jump Kick, Double Punch, Yoga Stance, Chillin, Lay Down, Tanning, Knee To Chest, Casual Sit, One-Arm Balance, Crab Coronation, Depressed, Frustrated Scream, Tough, Vulcan Greeting, Levitation, Evil Plotting, Bat Transformation, Freezing, Broomstick, Sick, Freak Out, Super Hero, Heart Sign, Cheer, First Pump, Scary Scream, Possessed Float, Bobble Head, Anime Giggle, Over The Shoulder, Handstand, Selfie, Rain, Love Radiance, Heart Rain, Sparkle, Snow, Candy Cane Drops, Shattered Heart, Blood Drips, Christmas Lights.

What Do You Think Of These Meez Cash Outfit Ideas?

MC idea


What Do You Think Of These Meez Cash Outfit Ideas?

New look?

cute :) MC Idea MC IDEA

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Girl

Dear Kitty, 
Novi was the girl with blonde hair and glasses. She was wearing a cat tank top, white jeans, and black and white boots.  She was the odd one out. In her second grande class, there was: Julia, Ebony, Kiki, Lula, Jackson, Elliot, Lily, Jessica, Jenny, Freddie, Johnny,Tori and there was her teacher: Ms. Finch. Novi was totally the odd girl out. She was the only blond and only one wearing glasses. Novi descended from two great humans, but wasn't very great herself. I honestly got to know her. She was nice and loving, caring, too. 
-Love Tori 

Dear Kitty, 
I saw Novi today. She isn't nearly the person she was 10 years ago. She's famous now. So she probably didn't see me. She was busy. Novi now is a pop star and wants everything her way. I can't believe who she has become! What has happened to my old friend? 
-Love Tori 

Dear Kitty,
I remember our childhood stories, of Novi and me. Novi could do all sorts of stuff. She could stand on her head to doing the splits. It was fabulous! I couldn't believe my eyes. Hold on, someone is knocking on my door. Hey, kid. This is Novi speaking. I don't got much time, but, come to my concerts. It's fun. OMG! Novi is so inconsiderate! SHE HAS TO HAVE EVERYTHING HER WAY! Good thing I pushed her out the door. I'll see you in two weeks! 
-Love Tori 

Dear Kitty, 
I didn't get to come see you because Novi prevented me from going! Ugh...I hope to see you soon. By the way, why aren't you answering your phone and these letters? Never mind that. I just hope to seen you soon. Got to go feed the cats, bye.
-Love Tori

Dear Kitty,
Auntie visited me today. Remember Auntie Jessica? She's a sprity one. I'll see you tomorrow. 
-Love Tori 

Dear Aunt Tori, 
Sorry that I haven't written. I want to see you but I am sitting on my bed crying right now. I've read your letters, I just barely have the heart to write anything! I AM VERY SORRY! I want to come home! COME GET ME!!
-Love Kitty 

Dear Kitty,
So you have gotten my letters. I was worried that they never got to you. So, back to the Novi story. Novi, recently, is being rude and mean. She isn't the little girl she was. It makes me sad to see her at the front door. She breaks my heart now. Well, me and Novi became friends. We liked the same things, other ideas. We barely disagreed about anything.
-Love Tori 

Dear Aunt Tori,
What's with the letters, I have better things to do. Like collecting Novi items. :-) Can you help me? Here's what I want: 
-Love Kitty 

Dear Kitty, 
I wish I could come and get you, but the authorities are holding me in my town. They will hunt you down like a wild animal if you try to get away. Stay there, and wait for the next piece of the story. 
-Love Tori 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

my board


Meez, add me at novi101aliengirl. My outfits are: Sugar Kitty, Thunder Cat, Black Skittle, Tori, Novi and Cam.......

My pinterest board >_> meez


All effects on Me with all my effects on. :D
Meez, Hippie me Toralei, from Monster High.
Meez, Yoga Stance Me, doing Yoga Stance animation.