Monday, June 2, 2014

My Random Valentines :)

Dear Toralei Stripe,
Your eyes are as green as emeralds,
Your ears as pierced as can be.
I could totally care less about how dark hearted you are.
For you are my darling,
My baby,
My life,
My soul,
My heart.
You are
I am

Dear Catrine DeMew,
Your eyes as cold as the winter weather,
But I honestly don't care.
Your beauty shimmers of magic
And sparkles like flashes of lightning.
Your hair as beautiful as I could care.
Sparkles shimmer throughout your hair
As if lightning strikes the city.

Dear Catty Noir,
Your skin as black as death.
Your eyes speak kindness,
And so does your lips.
Your lightning striped patterns,
Are like
My destiny.

Dear Cam,
Have you seen?
Have you heard?
Destiny is upon
But your life
As beautiful
As a kitten
With glitter
Sparkled all
Over her.

Dear Meowlody and Purrsephone,
Your lives influence me.
I want to be like others.
I want to live.
I am tired
Of hiding in the dark.
Your eyes glow in the dark,
Your hair is opposite colors.
I love you.

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